Benefits of Working With Ellen McNeill


Ellen McNeill, The Productivity Optimizer, believes that there is always a better way to get things done.  And she helps find it.   She is a Business Efficiency & Process Consultant whose specialty is helping 5+ year old established businesses with 10-100 employees:

         -- increase productivity and profitability

         -- accelerate growth

         -- save time and effort 

         -- cut costs while improving quality

         -- optimize and fine-tune business operations, systems and processes

         -- strengthen customer retention, loyaltyand referrals

         -- improve employee morale and engagement


Companies must achieve the best balance of efficiency and effectiveness to be successful.


Ellen helps businesses achieve the perfect balance of effectiveness and efficiency in their

day-to-day business operations.

She improves and creates effective and efficient systems and processes that assist in meeting unique challenges and strategic goals.  Why is this Important?  It doesn't pay to be efficient if you're not working on the right tasks and activities.


What Makes Ellen McNeill Stand Out From Other Consultants


Ellen McNeill's unique Superpower -- her remarkable skill to "see what's invisible" in a workplace -- helped her save one Company $24,000-$36,000+- annually*.

She can "see" what you don't in your workplace.

    --  hidden profitability leaks

      --  inconspicuous bottlenecks

      --  hours and hours of wasted time

      --  ineffective use of resources

      --  employee overwhelm and frustration

      --  disengaged employees

      --  low-grade communication

And what you don't see in your workplace could be draining tens of thousands of dollars every year from your bottom line.  

Different Approaches Ellen Can Take in Working With Your Company


Ellen starts with small projects in departments of your choice.  When you are satisfied with the results she branches out from there if you want her to.  She keeps in mind the inter-dependency of departments, systems and processes as she works.

She analyzes them using her Superpower of "seeing what's Invisible" in the workplace.  She collaborates with team members and assists in meeting your unique challenges and strategic goals. 

Ellen takes on short and long-term projects and is very selective about which clients she will work with.  She only takes on clients that are ready and willing to make changes to get beyond the status quo.  Here's why. 

Sometimes companies hire consultants and then they just don't follow the consultant's recommendations.  Then they claim the consultant didn't help solve their problems. 

Other times a company is left without a way to feasibly implement the consultant's suggestions. 

The end result is a huge waste of time, energy and resources resulting in "buyer's remorse".

Ellen believes that neither of these situations best serves a client. 

Not only will Ellen make suggestions and recommendations on how you can optimize business operations, she will help you implement them.  She won't leave you scratching your head wondering what to do next.

Ellen is passionate about efficiency and effectiveness and brings that passion to every project she accepts.  She has been focused on creating and improving systems for over 40 years.




Don't wait any longer!  Your business systems could be leaking tens of thousands of dollars from your bottom line right now. 

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*Step-by-step details on how these savings in time and money were calculated can be found in the Case Study on this website.