Types of Systems Ellen Can Help Your Company Optimize ​

Ellen McNeill, The Productivity Optimizer, helps established businesses like yours create and improve their business systems and processes with a razor sharp focus.  She will work with you on systems such as: 

Facilities management
Vendor management
Measurement systems
Customer experience
Personnel management
Financial management

Ellen will collaborate with your team.

Collaborating with your team members, Ellen will review the work flows throughout your organization to help fine tune, streamline and simplify them.

      She will help you optimize processes, actions and activities related to your customer experience system so you can surpass customer expectations.  This would include customer on-boarding, relationship-building, feedback and communications, service and/or product delivery and more.


When you work with Ellen you will be able to achieve quantitative and qualitative results.

- Accelerated growth
- Higher profit levels
- Increased productivity
- Improved efficiency
- Cost-effective use of assets and resources
- A competitive advantage
- Better use of available time
- Consistent quality and predictability



Ellen is able to create and design business systems and processes from scratch where none exist to help you efficiently accomplish your company's strategic objectives.

Ellen can optimize the systems and processes in your company with a razor sharp focus.

Depending on your budget and the depth you would like to go in optimizing the systems and processes in your company, Ellen can help. 

She will collaborate with your team members to find, optimize and improve every operational system and process in your company with a razor sharp focus.

To avoid any disruptions in work flow, Ellen will start with one or more specific departments in your company.

She has put together a Case Study you can review to see how savings of $24,000-$36,000 for one Company she worked with were calculated.

Review the detailed Case Study outlining how Ellen redesigned and created a system for one Company that saved them an estimated $24,000-$36,000 annually.  This was all from Ellen noticing JUST ONE profitability leak in the company's process for completing a specific task.  The Company had no idea that their resources were being wasted.


 You could very well have profitability leaks in your company right now that are draining tens of thousands of dollars from your bottom line.

Review the Case Study that Ellen put together for you. 

Reach out to Ellen NOW at 828.681.9690 or ellen@TheProductivityOptimizer.com to set up a FREE 45 minute consultation.