Ellen's Professional Background

Ellen McNeill is well-known as The Productivity Optimizer.  She is a Business Efficiency & Process Consultant with expertise in streamlining, simplifying and creating business systems and processes.  Ellen worked as an employee and Consultant for more than 40 years at a variety of companies.

She specializes in helping small companies who have been in business for 5-10 years create and improve their business systems so they can earn higher profits.

Ellen focuses like a laser beam on increasing productivity and profitability while improving quality and consistency.  Not only does this improve morale and employee engagement it also upgrades your customers' experiences with your company. 

In addition to consulting and strategizing with small business owners, Ellen is a Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Multi-Certified Coach and Inventor.


Ellen is a Best Selling Author.

She is co-author with Brian Tracy, internationally renowned

motivational speaker and management consultant, of the best selling

book Ready, Set, Go! 

Ellen Martorella (McNeill) has been listed in an edition of the

Yearbook of Experts, Authorities and Spokespersons, as an expert

on Productivity and Motivation, and is a Member of the National 

Association of Experts, Writers & Speakers (2017). 

Ellen is a Best Selling Author.

As a motivational speaker, Ellen has presented workshops for

almost 2 dozen different types of organizations, for profit and

non-profit, on the topics of productivity and motivation.




She has spoken for 22 diverse industries.

Some of the organizations she has spoken for include:

  • Tech Data*

  • Care Partners*

  • Society of Human Resource Management* (*all in Tampa, Florida)

  • National Association of Legal Administrators in San Francisco, California (local chapter)

  • National Chapter of Legal Administrators Annual Conference in Chicago, Illinois

Even plumbing contractors are included in the types of groups

she has worked with.  She can apply her Superpower to

"see what's invisible" in virtually any type of business or






Ellen's Vision.

Ellen's vision is to reach 10,000 small business owners by 2030 to help them:

  • find and get on their unique Productivity Pathway

  • improve the customer experience

  • increase productivity and profitability

  • ignite employee engagement



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