My name is Ellen McNeill and in business I am known as The Productivity Optimizer. In my lifetime, I realized that each person has innate skills, capabilities and creativity to do something better than anyone else can.  Most times they don't consciously think about what they do well.  They just do it.  And they think everyone else can do it too. 

These type of skills are often referred to as someone's "Superpower".

   I have discovered that I have an extremely fine-tuned Superpower.  I can "see what's invisible" in virtually any workplace.  While this may sound a little strange, follow along with me for a moment.

   I've been called a "natural" at analyzing work environments to find undiscovered profitability leaks -- all the ways a company is losing time and money.



Just like fish don't know that they're in water in a leaking tank, you may not know where you're leaking profits from your bottom line.  That's because you're working inside and outside your workplace 40-80 hours a week.


I have two companion "Superpowers" to "seeing what's invisible".  I create effective business systems for practically any type of company.  I also come up with actionable and quick ways to improve the way tasks in a company are handled.​

I applied my Superpowers at an Asheville, NC law firm and helped them recover $24,000-$36,000 that was leaking from their bottom line every year. 

Even as a teen, while seeking donations from local businesses on 13th Avenue in Brooklyn, NY for a Muscular Dystrophy fundraiser, I created checklists and a marketing and tracking system for the donations.


view of Brooklyn, NY skyline


I grew up in Brooklyn, New York where I lived with my mom, dad and brother Billy who is 2 years younger than me.  (Billy always kids me that I will always be older than he is.)  

I relocated to Florida's east coast in 1976 and then to its west coast years later.  It was there where I met my thoughtful, kind and amazing husband Michael McNeill.

Mike and I will be celebrating our 32nd Wedding Anniversary on New Year’s Eve.  We decided to get married on New Year’s Eve so we could end each year and begin a new one together all the time.

​In February 1999, after vacationing there for five years, Michael and I packed up all of our worldly possessions and moved to the gorgeous mountains of Western North Carolina.  We haven't looked back since. We just love living here no matter what season it is.  Many places we drive in North Carolina have beautiful scenery like this.




In the Winter months, after the colorful Fall leaves have dropped from the 90 foot trees on our property, we're treated to a panoramic view of high mountains from our kitchen window and outside wooden deck.

I thank God every morning for helping us find our dream home in such a lovely place.

After business coaching for a while, I finally (after years of searching inside myself) found my passion.  It was right in front of me the whole time – creating and improving systems and processes for small businesses.

Yes, I know.  Systems and processes aren’t “sexy” and most people don’t get excited about them.  That is, of course, unless they have don’t have any effective systems.  Or the systems they do have are really just “organized chaos” that they deal with every day.

I’ve been creating and improving systems and processes for companies for over 40 years and just love it.  Almost everywhere I go, I am always coming up with ideas on how a business -- whether it's a restaurant or office supplies store -- could improve and perfect how it gets things done and serves its customers.

In August 2019 I made the decision to open my own consulting practice in Fletcher, NC where Michael and I currently live.  Needless to say, I am very excited to be able to do what I love. 

My creative right brain works alongside my logical left brain, each kicking in whenever each skill set is needed. Many times they work together.  They have always worked perfectly together and I have an insatiable desire to keep learning more about business and how things work.

I secured three United States Patents on a product that started with just an idea to solve a problem.

I advanced the idea, made the prototypes, refined the idea and executed it to a market-ready product.  It was even seen by the buyers at Home Shopping Network.




 I tell the story about my Home Shopping Network adventure in the Best Selling book I co-authored with world-renowned Management Consultant Brian Tracy in 2017 (Chapter 8, "How to Set Goals With I.M.P.A.C.T.!").  

I have the books with Brian and I on the cover mentioning my name as co-author. If you go to Amazon though, the book you’ll find is just Brian on the cover with different authors mentioned.  But I am in it. 

Amazon would only allow one of the same book online, and of course they chose the one with just

Brian on the cover. One of my lifelong goals got accomplished though -- to become a Best-Selling Author.

Well, I hope you were able to learn a little about me.

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