Is your business experiencing rapid growth?


Have you been hiring employees week after week?


If you answered YES

to either question,

don't make the same

mistakes that other

growing companies do!


MISTAKE #1:  Not considering how a consistent flow of new hires will impact day-to-day operations. 

MISTAKE #2:  Having new employees trained by current employees.

MISTAKE #3:  Believing that your current systems and processes will work as well in the expansion.

      Ellen McNeill, The Productivity Optimizer, can help you correct all of these mistakes and more.  She is a thought leader known for "seeing what's invisible" in virtually any type of workplace.

      What does this mean for you?  She finds hidden productivity leaks, system inefficiencies, redundancies, wastes and more.

      "Profitability leaks" are places where a company's methods to get tasks done drain revenue from its bottom line like water dripping quietly from a leaky faucet.  Each drop may not seem like a lot by itself but when they accumulate they can fill a bucket. 

      Business owners call Ellen's ability to "see what's invisible" her "Superpower".  Ellen used her "Superpower" in one Company's workplace and saved them $24,000-$36,000+- annually.*  And this savings was from only ONE "invisible" profitability leak that she discovered.

How was she able to save the company so much revenue?

      Ellen reviewed the Company’s methods to get different tasks completed.  She observed that one important daily task was taking an average of 4-6 staff hours and 2-3 staff to complete -- every day. 

      She analyzed the approaches the staff was taking to get the task and determined that there was room for substantial improvement.  Ellen totally redesigned the processes to get the task completed quickly to eliminate the Company's drastic financial losses.       

       Using Ellen's system redesign, getting the job done now took only five minutes of only one employee's time instead of the original 4-6 staff hours and 2-3 staff.

        Amazingly, no additional costs were incurred -- or other resources were required -- to implement Ellen's new system and quick and easy step-by-step processes.

        The simple, easy and effective system and processes that Ellen developed had these positive outcomes for the Company.  It:

      --  Saved the Company $24,000-$36,000+- annually*

      --  Freed up 4-6 hours of 2-3 employees' time every day so they could complete other tasks

      --  Drastically decreased turn-around time to get the task done every day

      --  Eliminated the process and task inefficiencies and redundancies

      --  Increased employee morale resulting in increased productivity

      --  Decreased management and employee stress thereby stabilizing health care costs

      --  Enabled management to receive the results of the task in record time

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*Step-by-step details on how these savings in time and money were calculated can be found in the Case Study on this website.